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Jodie Azhar

Jodie is the CEO of Teazelcat Games, a game development studio based in the UK who are focused on creating story-driven games that can be enjoyed by anyone and created by developers with a wide range of experiences and viewpoints. She is currently directing their first unannounced first project.

Prior to founding Teazelcat in 2018, Jodie spent a decade in the games industry helping develop games for Kuju, Rebellion and Creative Assembly, and was the Technical Art Director for the Total War franchise.

Passionate about marrying creativity with technology Jodie is an award winning developer recognised both for her work as a technical artist and her efforts to improve diversity and inclusion within the games industry. In 2016 she was named as one of BAFTA's Breakthrough Brits following her work on Total War: WARHAMMER and has been listed as one of 100 Future Talent.

She is also an active public speaker giving technical talks to both industry peers at events including GDC, and to aspiring game creatives at Universities and student events. She also speaks as an advocate for addressing issues in the games industry and creating a more welcoming and inclusive industry that nurtures talent from all different backgrounds.

She is currently on the Advisory Board for Games4EU (campaigning on behalf of the games industry for the UK to remain in the EU) and part of the team at POC in Play (a racial equity & inclusion movement aiming to address the lack of representation & inclusion of People of Colour in the UK videogames industry).

With a desire to inspire future generations of game developers, she works as a STEM Ambassador to inform school students of potential careers in game development and technology.

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